Creative Direction 创意指导
Design 设计
Branding 品牌
AR/VR Experience 增强现实体验
UIUX 界面及体验
Installations 装置
Digital Art 数字艺术
Workshops 艺术设计技术工作坊
Design Consultancy & Research 设计咨询及调研

Beijing & Shanghai

The Meaning:
The name NewNew originates from a dog called "NiuNiu". She was a stray dog adopted by one of our studio members. As a mixed terrier, she’s extremely smart. She was first rescued and kept in a restaurant. The staff there gave her the name "Dinner". Later adopted by our studio member, she got a nickname "NiuNiu". When pronounced in Chinese, "NiuNiu" sounds like "NewNew" and "66", and the meaning of New(adj.) New(n.) is the spirit of our work. Through multi-disciplinary cooperation and rapid exploration, we aim to deliver "new thinking", "new methods", and "new forms" in our design; as well as "new inspiration" and "new experience" to our audiences.

释义:溜溜起源于工作室一位成员收养的小狗——妞妞(小名)。妞妞是一只非常聪明的混血梗犬,她的原名叫dinner(因为是被餐厅的工作人员捡到的),后来被收养后收获了一个小名叫妞妞,正因为她的聪明,无论你叫她dinner、妞妞、还是溜溜,她都会回应。“溜溜”作为一个发音,它跟new new或者66发音相似(谐音梗扣分),而new new也代表了我们工作室关注的思想,“新的新”。通过跨界合作及不断探索,我们希望创作及传播不同背景下的设计“新思想”、“新方法”、“新形式”,带给受众一些“新启发”和“新体验”。

About us:
NewNew is a creative studio based in Shanghai. With multi-disciplined backgrounds and rich experiences, we work with diverse mediums that involve a variety of creative disciplines, including art, design, and academics. We are constantly searching for interesting, avant-garde, and meaningful designs; dedicated to spreading the new new through our work.





New New Studio 2023 @Shanghai & Beijing.